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My Pottery Barn (Bed & Bath) catalog came yesterday. I tend to use Pottery Barn for inspiration, rather than for purchase. Here is my someday list.

Ok. right away I have found a mistake in the catalog. How can they not make this headboard in a king size? The shutters peeking through - inspiration! I saw some blue french shutters at the Oswego Antique Fair on Sunday, I could not think of a way to incorporate them into my home, now of course, I know the perfect spot! Accents behind a headboard. Perfection. {PB}
The vintage Victorian ceiling tile mirrors - these will go over my (not iron gate) headboard. I see a few similarities to my room here - the duvet I have is very similar, so are my nightstands. I am always looking for a way to incorporate a touch of french/shabby vintage - my house is a 76 split level. Apparently at that time, there was no use for things like wide baseboards or hardwood floors, the character of the home is not always obvious...  {PB}
I <3 this room. I want chandeliers in my bedroom. And a mantel. Now I want a cottage! {PB}
These lamps aren't quite right for me, but I do like the nightstands and how they've paired the ivory quilt/shams with the printed sheets. I love stacks of books.
Not to forget the bath... I am always looking to find anything that will "help" my bathroom that houses an apple green tub. I have yet to find anything with the particular shade of green. I do think that there are some out there that could readily appreciate the "vintage-y-ness" of apple green, but I'm not feeling it. these towels with their snippet of green, do have potential. {PB}

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  1. I love your choices...and I want that mantel and a cottage, too !


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