productive day for pics

Overcast skies are not always a bad thing! Although, we have not seen enough of summer and it is halfway gone! But clouds can make for great pictures.

I was going to write about something else today, but the light was so good! I took advantage of the opportunity and got out the camera. I usually use a lightbox, but nothing beats good natural light. Today I plucked a frame off of the dining room wall and used it as a backdrop. All of these pieces have a vintage element. (I might have to keep that love meter necklace).

I had a productive day!


passing along. downton abbey

This is one of my favorite British period dramas to date. You can play it now or rent from netflix. I was only going to watch it while I worked out. You know - to get myself on the treadmill - um, right. I ended up watching the whole 7 hours in about 2.5 days.

Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.


etsy mini treasury. old world

I enjoy etsy treasuries, but I have to say I have absolutely no brainpower when it comes to putting one together. So here's my mini version - 4 items, based on my theme of the moment. I hope you enjoy.

Top left - clockwise: 1. CatnipStudioToo, 2. GrainnePhotography,
3. Treasures570, 4. RiverOfRomansk


happy anniversary

I meant to post this earlier this week, my husband and I celebrated 19 years on Monday! I've known him more than half my life! Happy anniversary love!


where bloggers create. the sequel

I promised a corner makeover in my previous post. At the time, I had my eye on a distressed bookcase on craigslist and I was set to pick it up the next day. I'm hoping that those of you working your way through the Where Bloggers Create list (I think I might be almost to "C") might get to see the room in its "updated" full glory.

I have to mention that when I arrived to pick up my new bookcase, I was dressed exactly the same as the craigslist seller. Black workout capris, salmon colored short sleeved shirt and tennis shoes. A definite sign we both felt (of what I am not sure).

You might remember the corner in question. This would be BEFORE.
A very cooperative piece of furniture, it fits in my truck with about 2 inches to spare. Can you see the potential already?
Why did the cable guy put the input there?
The mayhem of moving storage furniture around. The husband usually cannot make sense of this ritual. It all has to come off of the old and go somewhere, doesn't it?
I'm starting to freak out a little at the realization of how perfect this piece is.
AFTER. I am still "shopping" within my house - I'd like to add a few more things (including jewelry). What do you think?

passing along. picker sisters

For you American Pickers fans (as I am), I thought I'd put this one on the DVR. Coming in August.


where bloggers create. basement studio.

I started making jewelry almost 3 years ago. What started out as one plastic storage bin (remember how exciting that is?) and a few tools has grown into a space that takes up more than half my basement. It only took a few months to realize that this was something that was evolving into a potential side business.

I’ve scoured and scored on craigslist, most of the large items in my studio. It all started with the handmade jeweler’s bench, it has a very primitive quality but it is quite sturdy. Over the last year, I’ve carted (we always must have either a large van or a truck) an 8’ farm table and lovely custom made craft bench.

I think we’ve finally come to terms with the fact that our basement will never appeal as a family room (we’ve been trying to make it one over the years). The space feels separate from the rest of the house and bits here and there are unfinished. I find that my faux white brick walls make me feel like I could possibly be in a downtown loft, until my cat walks by outside at eye level (ground level window). Each step I’ve taken to make it an appealing creative space to play, makes the process that much more rewarding.

 I got this lovely chippy shutter screen from my mom. It serves the dual purpose of hiding the treadmill and makes a great background for taking pictures. The white vintage form was one of my favorite craigslist finds.
Craigslist find #2. Custom made jewelry bench with great open storage. I paint in this corner.
Craigslist find #3. My 8' farm house table. Sturdy - have grown to love the vintage linoleum top (with its bits of embedded glitter). It situates perfectly under my basement window.
Vintage buttons + twine. Gift box embellishment.
Raiding the kitchen for storage. This is the "need to put away" bin. It seems to just get bigger, not smaller.
Looking down the length of my vintage farm table. Can I keep it this way?
This seems to be the best bead storage solution for me to date. Storage drawers from Ikea with tray inserts from Nile Corp.
Craigslist find #4. Handmade jewelry bench (my very first jewelry furniture purchase). This corner could be titled "Function Over Form". This corner is getting a makeover! coming soon...
 I have had my file cabinet + plank style desk for quite a while. It has a rubbed white finish and a large work area. My husband recently stopped needing his computer with nice big monitor, I've snagged it primarily for watching British period dramas while working (currently working on season 3 of Lark Rise to Candleford).
I love my chippy metal C from Thea's Vintage Interiors.

Looking for more inspiration? View other participating crafty spaces - Where Bloggers Create 2001.

My Desert Cottage


returning to the ranch.

I wanted to share some pictures from our recent trip to Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon. It's a favorite destination since I was my daughter's age.

We are fortunate to spend our time there with my siblings and their families, passing down traditions such as deer "hunting" (ie looking for deer at dusk). I am not sure of the current family record, maybe someone can comment on that.

I did manage to keep my own tradition of selecting an evening dessert from the general store. Note Charleston Chew below, I've managed to pass the tradition on...
Making new friends. I think he has his eye on that Charleston Chew. The mountains in the background, on the left is the North Sister and Black Crater on the right.

Paulina Spring. At the source of the spring, the water bubbles up right out of the ground.
Hunter, making sure the water does indeed bubble up out of the ground. Michael, supervising.

Michael (left) and friend, Hunter.

Charlotte, impeccable color coordination as always. I think she matches her bike also!

Mirror perfect reflection of Aspen Lake. I am not sure it is possible to take a bad scenic picture at Black Butte.

Murphy enjoys a good stinky roll.
Mt. Jefferson via the meadow at sunset.


save the date!


favs. vivaterra.

I'm feeling like sharing some favs today. My Vivaterra catalog came yesterday, the best excuse to buy myself something, because I really need it...

I've always wanted one of these. This would be so pretty in my daughter's room, but probably as appreciated as a disney princess motif.

Always looking for a stylish + convenient (underline convenient) way to leave message for the family. Made from vintage slate boards from old schoolrooms, it makes me wonder it might have been. The note on mine would read, "Get TP!"

Every girl needs her own toolbox. One where all the tools are always where they should be...


I want to live in a chippy old house, just so I can have this.

I like this purse for the same reason I like working on my big colorful jewelry. It makes minimal effort look fantastic. I mean really, jeans + shirt + this bag = fabulous. Ok. I think this is a good anniversary gift for myself (of course from my husband), don't you?