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I started making jewelry almost 3 years ago. What started out as one plastic storage bin (remember how exciting that is?) and a few tools has grown into a space that takes up more than half my basement. It only took a few months to realize that this was something that was evolving into a potential side business.

I’ve scoured and scored on craigslist, most of the large items in my studio. It all started with the handmade jeweler’s bench, it has a very primitive quality but it is quite sturdy. Over the last year, I’ve carted (we always must have either a large van or a truck) an 8’ farm table and lovely custom made craft bench.

I think we’ve finally come to terms with the fact that our basement will never appeal as a family room (we’ve been trying to make it one over the years). The space feels separate from the rest of the house and bits here and there are unfinished. I find that my faux white brick walls make me feel like I could possibly be in a downtown loft, until my cat walks by outside at eye level (ground level window). Each step I’ve taken to make it an appealing creative space to play, makes the process that much more rewarding.

 I got this lovely chippy shutter screen from my mom. It serves the dual purpose of hiding the treadmill and makes a great background for taking pictures. The white vintage form was one of my favorite craigslist finds.
Craigslist find #2. Custom made jewelry bench with great open storage. I paint in this corner.
Craigslist find #3. My 8' farm house table. Sturdy - have grown to love the vintage linoleum top (with its bits of embedded glitter). It situates perfectly under my basement window.
Vintage buttons + twine. Gift box embellishment.
Raiding the kitchen for storage. This is the "need to put away" bin. It seems to just get bigger, not smaller.
Looking down the length of my vintage farm table. Can I keep it this way?
This seems to be the best bead storage solution for me to date. Storage drawers from Ikea with tray inserts from Nile Corp.
Craigslist find #4. Handmade jewelry bench (my very first jewelry furniture purchase). This corner could be titled "Function Over Form". This corner is getting a makeover! coming soon...
 I have had my file cabinet + plank style desk for quite a while. It has a rubbed white finish and a large work area. My husband recently stopped needing his computer with nice big monitor, I've snagged it primarily for watching British period dramas while working (currently working on season 3 of Lark Rise to Candleford).
I love my chippy metal C from Thea's Vintage Interiors.

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  1. You have a wonderful studio...the screen is fabulous and I love the dressforms! Craigslist has been good to you!

  2. Yes, I love it that you have an 8 foot table and all the wonderful storage ideas. I need to stop by Ikea to look at those great drawers. Thanks for the tip. I love period dramas. Can you send me a note telling me where you find them to watch?

  3. Love your studio! I'm envious of your jeweler's bench! I've wanted one of those for a while now, but I can't figure out where to put it, I've run out of space in my workroom.
    I love those Ikea drawers too; we don't have an Ikea here on O`ahu, Hawaii.
    Thank you so much for sharing your studio with us, I really enjoyed my visit.

  4. what lovely beads you have. I love the way they are stored. what a great studio to work in. Hugs Sara

  5. WOW~~Great creative space. All the organization yet displayed with inspirational vignettes. Love it. Just adore all the beads!
    The dress forms are an awesome addition.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  6. Loving the bead drawers and I have to saw I wish I had a window like that in my basement...natural light is the best! Great Idea to keep the larger monitor to watch movies...Thanks so much for sharing your lovely space with us!!!

  7. I have that same little Ikea cabinet in my studio... So great for threads and tools... I think it's the perfect crafter drawer system.... not too deep so the things are easily found... love your orderly space.

    Warm blessings,

  8. Love your space Christine! Love the brick wall. I had to laugh at your comment about the loft feel and then how the cat ruins that daydream by walking by. : ) You've got some great pieces and I think when first starting its best to see what you need before just getting a bunch of tables and stuff in. Yours is so organized and neat.

  9. your basement studio is delightful...looks like you get so much light...our basement is quite dark and cave like (hence the man cave down there...)
    thanks for swinging by my studio...and yes, we used to have a shop on Fremont, but I got so very tired of being there every day...so we expanded our STARS business and we have a booth in both STARS and SPLENDID antique malls in Sellwood.
    thanks for remembering us :)

  10. What a beautiful studio! I love the ikea drawers for your beads. I started out with just a box of beads and a couple of sets of pliers too, and now have a 8' by 12' workshed! Thanks for the tour.

  11. I love your workspace. It is so organized and big and full of great stuff. You must have a great time working there. *smiles* Norma

  12. Oh I love your basement studio. Your studio looks very much like a great place to get lots and get much inspiration. I love your blog and your pictures of the pines and mountains. Where do you live anyway. It is beautiful!

  13. something special - I live in Portland, those pictures are of Black Butte Ranch in the Bend area. It is the most beautiful place. It is our yearly vacation. Thank you for all the comments!

  14. So glad I got to visit your studio. You have SCORED on Craigslist! Great storage solutions, too. Love the jewelry you have on etsy. It's fun to discover fellow Portland artists--there are quite a few on this list! Stop by my blog if you get the chance...


  15. wow! So many great Craigslist finds. I have never been on Craigslist. Now I will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space.

  16. I am re-visiting all the spaces starting with A and doing every single space. I thnk I was in such a hurry to see all the blogs that missed some. I was so sure I had left a comment on your spcace, but maybe I didn't let the procedure complete itself sooo.... Love your dress forms and you make stunning Jewelry! Your space is so neat, wonderful!

  17. You have a lovely, lovely studio! I am in love with your dress forms!!!
    You have organized and put things together very well. Awesome finds and space! Your jewelries are gorgeous!Thanks for sharing.
    Have a beautiful day!

  18. Your creative space is wonderful and your craigslist findsd are fab! Lovin' the dress forms and your collection of pretties to make your jewelry is lovely.



  19. I love all your cool work benches!!!! So far I've not found much on CraigList I could use, but this has given me hope!!! Not that I could get anymore in my craft cottage!!! LOL

  20. Love the mix of modern and vintage. You have fabulous mannequins (or what I call Wolfies) hehe. I will be back! XO

    -Taylor Greeley

    The Greeley Girls

  21. your drawer solution for beads is what I've been thinking about. I can't seem to find the longer drawers in your picture. Do you have the series name? anything could help. :)



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