favs. vivaterra.

I'm feeling like sharing some favs today. My Vivaterra catalog came yesterday, the best excuse to buy myself something, because I really need it...

I've always wanted one of these. This would be so pretty in my daughter's room, but probably as appreciated as a disney princess motif.

Always looking for a stylish + convenient (underline convenient) way to leave message for the family. Made from vintage slate boards from old schoolrooms, it makes me wonder it might have been. The note on mine would read, "Get TP!"

Every girl needs her own toolbox. One where all the tools are always where they should be...


I want to live in a chippy old house, just so I can have this.

I like this purse for the same reason I like working on my big colorful jewelry. It makes minimal effort look fantastic. I mean really, jeans + shirt + this bag = fabulous. Ok. I think this is a good anniversary gift for myself (of course from my husband), don't you?


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