vernonia first friday

If you are looking for a fun little trip, don't miss First Friday in Vernonia.

Scout Cabin, Hawkins Park, Vernonia
July 1 - August 5 - September 2 - September 30

Handcrafted cedar fireplace votive holders purchased at Vernonia First Friday.
I'm thrilled with my new cedar votive holders for my fireplace - a custom order from a very talented artisan, Joker, that I met while a vendor in May.

I had an a-ha moment - isn't it true you find the best things when you aren't really looking? Our fireplace needs repair (we don't use it for fires). Candles never seemed to have the right scale. It's such a large black hole, but with a pretty opening, I hesitated to cover it with a screen. Now it looks great during the day too, large pieces of cedar make perfect sense in a fireplace.


char funny

Charlotte informed me of this very important fact in a moment of excitement the other day, "Butt is not a nice word. Bottom is okay and Decorate is okay too."

New goggles for vacation, accessorize whenever possible.


happy birthday mom!

Looking forward to many creative adventures together!


new places. timberline lodge.

I'm excited to say that Christine Marie Studio can now be found at the Wy'East Gift Shop at Timberline Lodge. Thank you, Timberline, for your support of local artists!


inspiration. workspace.

In searching flickr today for packaging ideas, I came across a studio space by Paper In Bloom begging to be shared.

I am completely inspired. Well, almost. Definitely tomorrow.

Isn't it gorgeous?

My Craft Room

My Craft Room

My Craft Room

My Craft Room

My Craft Room


new faces. new places.

Warm welcome and new pieces going out to Wind Drift Gallery, a family owned and operated shop located on Newport's Historic Bayfront. Like them on Facebook.