A little virtual visit of my studio, almost always in a bit { or more } of disarray....

I love vintage french industrial style { <-- huh? I made that up } - you'll see a little of everything here as I try to marry my love of display with the functionality of workspace.

My studio is in the basement of my 1976 split level home. I have about half the space downstairs. I started with just a rustic jeweler's bench and have steadily increased my work surfaces. I share the basement with workout equipment. I've come up with a few creative ways to define my space and hide what I don't want to see. 

Jeanne d'Arc wall hooks and misc. ribbon.
Visual organization - I would forget what I have if I didn't have it in
front of me. In the background is "Ella", named by my daughter.
Behind her, I've hung sheers between my two door displays to hide
equipment on the other half of the room that I prefer not to see.
I moved my inspiration board directly over my desk. I use this to post
upcoming show postcards, designs and physical items that
inspire me. One of my collection of now-vintage
breyer horses (OK that probably dates me) is part of
the inspiration equation.

The disarray part. Apparently creativity can't happen without it.
I love printer's trays for organizing baubles. Other
organizational tools - I recently purchased the chain organizer
from Molly Mo's. Great piece, no sag. The little metal buckets
are from Target's $1 section and they fit quite contentedly in a
little vintage drawer I picked up a few months ago at
the Laurelhurst Artisan Bazaar.
Spigot head. Made by Martha at Vintage Trifles.
My favorite mannequin.

Books, family, inspiration. A little chippy bowl full of cards, picked up
at Goodwill.
This is one of my favorite pieces in my space. A fantastic craigslist score.
In front, my grandmother's boots and gloves, an old printer's drawer
that I use for display at vintage shows.
Details... I use vintage buttons in my packaging.
I found the embossed tin platter at goodwill (love that
place for storage goodies).
I use old suitcases to store items I don't need to access often.
I've also stacked these up for display at vintage faires.
Actually, half my craft space seems to leave the house during
a vintage market show.
More details. Muffin tins from goodwill are excellent bauble storage.
This item landed in my truck, so to speak.
I passed it at the end of the Junk Salvation show.
It is the loveliest chippy french blue with metal shelves.
The shelves are adjustable/removable. Funky
junk sister, Linda, told me that her husband didn't
want to haul it home. I told her I'd take it (it was a
great deal)
if he could fit it in my truck. So here it
is, one of my best storage pieces. { all the way home
I was berating myself, what the heck am I going
to use that for? LOL }


  1. OH my goodness - I LOVE your inspiration space!! You inspire ME to make my "studio" (actually, my office) more of a wondrous place. Glad that we've connected through the auction at WHCS :)

  2. Oh my goodness, your studio space makes me want to re-do my entire office/craft room like asap! Thanks for sharing! {Found ya from Erin @ LIY, you have some great drool-worthy pieces of jewelry my dear!}


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