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bohemian grunge chandeliers

Do you know someone who would just love my jewelry, but you aren't sure what to pick? Giving handmade items can sometimes be tricky { but special } because they are so unique.

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what i wore { twice this week }

I'm already giving myself away { lazy dresser }.

I have to admit. Clothes are hard for me. I am super sensitive to various fabrics --> ie I can only wear cotton, I'm tall with a 34 inch inseam, and I wear a size 12 shoe.

This week I wore my fav outfit { twice }, why not? it's comfy like pjs. I've found the perfect leggings that don't pull down (HUE for Nordstrom), they fit just right, you can move around without re-adjusting everything every few minutes (I hate that!) I'm sorry, but low rise jeans will never be my thing.

Cotton sweater :: cabi (I've always felt these sleeves needed to be longer).
Top (sorry - can't see) :: LA Made tunic dress - mid thigh length.
Black leggings :: Hue for Nordstrom.
Boots :: Clarks.

I am fortunate to work from home. I usually start my workday within 20 minutes of getting up. I get dressed about an hour later. It's helped me to pick out my clothes the night before (when I shower) and have them ready (or at least know where they are). I've got a little flylady in me, I prefer to be dressed fairly early (I fear a call from the school, or the knock on the door - not being dressed ugh, the worst feeling).

I have a pair of these earrings that I've kept for me.
They are nice statement earrings - big but not huge - a comfortable
weight and size for me to wear all day. They go with everything.
I guess I should have tucked my hair behind my ear so you could see
them - will get better at this picture taking thing!
I tend to go monochromatic and simple with my clothes and more dramatic with statement jewelry (this is how I think when I work on new pieces - simple outfit, easy jewelry statement). I usually go for earrings, now that my hair is longer (than my traditional pixie cut), sometimes a bold necklace. I find this works really well for me, I don't have to think too hard. I think hard enough the rest of the day.

pleated poppy


fav pic share. spring break.

I love this picture and I wanted to share it. It's spring break here and we went to OMSI (amazing LEGO exhibit there right now) with cousins who are here from out of town. I like how, even in silhouette, you can see their personalities.

kids and cousins in silhouette
From left to right: My son, Michael, and daughter, Charlotte. Cousins, John and James.
We are fortunate to live in such a pretty city, (Portland) especially in the spring.


spigot head has a big sister.

I am thrilled with the recent addition to my dress form collection - this wasn't a conscious decision, I just can't help myself! Let me just say - Martha (of Vintage Trifles), I will buy any dress form you "accessorize". She's crazy-brilliant with these things. Spigot head was my first and I am truly addicted.

spigot head dress form
Spigot head.
I shopped the 3 Friends Sale { Roost Reimagined, Molly Mo's and Vintage Trifles } last weekend in Salem with my sister-in-law. We were prepared with the big empty SUV. Fortunately, she bought items that were too big for the vehicle, so Big Sister Spigot Head was able to travel in luxury...

Here she is and I think she is stunning! If I don't sell jewelry it will be because everyone is too distracted by my displays.

dress form lovely
Lovely brushed metal base!
detail pic - dress form
I am never throwing away another spigot-industrial-turny-thing again.
Upcycle genious.
dress form lovely
She rocks the navel, I think.
More vintage dress form love? --> Check out my pinterest board full of them.


What is your favorite display item?


snippets & miscellany.


I just got back from the 3 Friends Sale - Roost Reimagined, Molly Mo's and Vintage Trifles. I did manage to only purchase items that fit in the car... will share pictures this week. Again I was a sucker for the display items, they get me every time. I did purchase a few packets of vintage buttons from Roost and they were cleverly labelled Snippets & Miscellany - I thought an appropriate title for this post. I think I might have purchased 5 little packages of vintage buttons, strictly based on how cute the labels were.

other miscellany...

I challenged myself earlier this week to design a pair of earrings for an outfit chosen from a catalog. It was a fun exercise and I enjoyed going at it from a different angle. I chose a sweater-skirt combo from Boden USA catalog. The earrings I designed for this outfit are salmony-pink with sage green undertones, blue crystal and vintage chain. Check them out here. I do think this model really does need some earrings (maybe you do too)!

more other miscellany...

Yet another chance to win a gift certificate for some goodies to my shop! { instructions for entering here --> } Buckets of Burlap is hosting a $50 gift certificate giveaway, good for anything in my etsy shop!


new love. old white.

My paint exploration continues. Old white { Annie Sloan Chalk Paint } is my current love and I've added some new chippy goodness to my etsy shop.

old white + paris gray + clear & dark wax
emporer's silk + old white + clear & dark wax.
old white, simply distressed and embellished.

For more white lovelies --> White Wednesdays with Kathleen at Faded Charm.

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chippy metal love.

I got a NapaStyle magazine in the mail the other day and I almost tossed it out. I am not sure how they all find me, but we are on gift-y magazine overload - the trinkety kind of magazines. I assumed this one might be similar (I've never seen it before). Fortunately I flipped through it on the way to the recycle bin.

There is some serious vintage metal/industrial love in this magazine.

I tend to get great inspiration from lovely old chippy things and I expect that many of you do too. Enjoy my favorite picks!

Vintage Galvanized Box - each is different. { link }
Vintage French Oyster Basket - the real deal mid 30's. { link }
Torrione Basket Stand - I really want to
make a space for this one somewhere
in my house... { link }
Quindici Metal Cabinet - swoon !! { link }
European Wash Basin - again, the real deal! { link }
Village Water Canister - mid 50's. { link }
Vintage Shepherd's Weight Doorstop { link }
Vintage Iron Grate - this would go on my wall, I would not be
scraping my boots on it! { link }