spigot head has a big sister.

I am thrilled with the recent addition to my dress form collection - this wasn't a conscious decision, I just can't help myself! Let me just say - Martha (of Vintage Trifles), I will buy any dress form you "accessorize". She's crazy-brilliant with these things. Spigot head was my first and I am truly addicted.

spigot head dress form
Spigot head.
I shopped the 3 Friends Sale { Roost Reimagined, Molly Mo's and Vintage Trifles } last weekend in Salem with my sister-in-law. We were prepared with the big empty SUV. Fortunately, she bought items that were too big for the vehicle, so Big Sister Spigot Head was able to travel in luxury...

Here she is and I think she is stunning! If I don't sell jewelry it will be because everyone is too distracted by my displays.

dress form lovely
Lovely brushed metal base!
detail pic - dress form
I am never throwing away another spigot-industrial-turny-thing again.
Upcycle genious.
dress form lovely
She rocks the navel, I think.
More vintage dress form love? --> Check out my pinterest board full of them.


What is your favorite display item?


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