chippy metal love.

I got a NapaStyle magazine in the mail the other day and I almost tossed it out. I am not sure how they all find me, but we are on gift-y magazine overload - the trinkety kind of magazines. I assumed this one might be similar (I've never seen it before). Fortunately I flipped through it on the way to the recycle bin.

There is some serious vintage metal/industrial love in this magazine.

I tend to get great inspiration from lovely old chippy things and I expect that many of you do too. Enjoy my favorite picks!

Vintage Galvanized Box - each is different. { link }
Vintage French Oyster Basket - the real deal mid 30's. { link }
Torrione Basket Stand - I really want to
make a space for this one somewhere
in my house... { link }
Quindici Metal Cabinet - swoon !! { link }
European Wash Basin - again, the real deal! { link }
Village Water Canister - mid 50's. { link }
Vintage Shepherd's Weight Doorstop { link }
Vintage Iron Grate - this would go on my wall, I would not be
scraping my boots on it! { link }


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