I’m a wife and mother of 2, with a day job as a graphic designer, and a passion for creating jewelry when I am not doing any of the above. My vintage-inspired designs balance bold color, vintage findings, unique finishes and mixed metals. All my earwires, chains and filigrees are hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

Solana and Me.
I grew up the oldest of 5 siblings. My parents have a little property and I was fortunate to have 3 horses of my own. I’m a farm girl at heart... my horses shared a barn with my dad’s car projects. I do love a bit of rusty metal, chippy paint, the smell of an old pickup <-- you know that faint scent of grease when you first climb in? I also have the-ability-to-find-amazing-things-on-craigslist superpowers (my husband might beg to differ).

I started making jewelry about 3 years ago. It has become a reflection of all the things I enjoy (except the pickup truck smell), wrapped up in a chic little package, shared with you.