where bloggers create. the sequel

I promised a corner makeover in my previous post. At the time, I had my eye on a distressed bookcase on craigslist and I was set to pick it up the next day. I'm hoping that those of you working your way through the Where Bloggers Create list (I think I might be almost to "C") might get to see the room in its "updated" full glory.

I have to mention that when I arrived to pick up my new bookcase, I was dressed exactly the same as the craigslist seller. Black workout capris, salmon colored short sleeved shirt and tennis shoes. A definite sign we both felt (of what I am not sure).

You might remember the corner in question. This would be BEFORE.
A very cooperative piece of furniture, it fits in my truck with about 2 inches to spare. Can you see the potential already?
Why did the cable guy put the input there?
The mayhem of moving storage furniture around. The husband usually cannot make sense of this ritual. It all has to come off of the old and go somewhere, doesn't it?
I'm starting to freak out a little at the realization of how perfect this piece is.
AFTER. I am still "shopping" within my house - I'd like to add a few more things (including jewelry). What do you think?


  1. Your studio is great and the bookshelf is beautiful. I love the way you displayed your things in it. And I just wanted to say your blog banner is beautiful!!!! Did you make it yourself?

  2. Thank you! I love love my bookshelf. I think it makes me more creative LOL. I did create my banner, thank you - in real life, I am a graphic designer (the day job). I work for a bearing distributor, so it is all industrial, then I get to come home and do this!

  3. I love that bookshelf. I've learned in my room I have to go taller with things.

    It made such a pretty display piece.

  4. I love that, how you were able to change so much in just one corner and with one piece of furniture, looks really good and now things stand out better (like the dress form). Well done!!!


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