returning to the ranch.

I wanted to share some pictures from our recent trip to Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon. It's a favorite destination since I was my daughter's age.

We are fortunate to spend our time there with my siblings and their families, passing down traditions such as deer "hunting" (ie looking for deer at dusk). I am not sure of the current family record, maybe someone can comment on that.

I did manage to keep my own tradition of selecting an evening dessert from the general store. Note Charleston Chew below, I've managed to pass the tradition on...
Making new friends. I think he has his eye on that Charleston Chew. The mountains in the background, on the left is the North Sister and Black Crater on the right.

Paulina Spring. At the source of the spring, the water bubbles up right out of the ground.
Hunter, making sure the water does indeed bubble up out of the ground. Michael, supervising.

Michael (left) and friend, Hunter.

Charlotte, impeccable color coordination as always. I think she matches her bike also!

Mirror perfect reflection of Aspen Lake. I am not sure it is possible to take a bad scenic picture at Black Butte.

Murphy enjoys a good stinky roll.
Mt. Jefferson via the meadow at sunset.


  1. Thanks Christine! We will post on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BlackButteRanch

  2. Thank you for posting this on your facebook page. We've gone almost every year since I was 6. That is (cough) 34 years. I LOVE our vacations at Black Butte Ranch, so do my kids.


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