i'm feeling plucky...

Today I happened upon the Plucky Maidens show with a friend. I did not know this show existed until a few days ago - there is another one in November and I will be back! Over 50 vintage vendors! I was diligent to take pictures, only to find that I focused a bit much on displays (I must have been too busy shopping). So despite my slightly repetitive subject matter, I'm sharing a few photos I took with you. {<--You know I know you love display ideas!}

The point at which you know it is going to be good!

This needs to go in the i <3 burlap folder...
I like the way this photo was done.
Bird Trump Tower.
that would be another display.
Today's favorite finds. A French letter from 1866 and a French dictionary page <--with horses on it!

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  1. I love the pictures...it's so much fun to see events even if I can't actually attend. I am planning on the next one. Thank you for the date...


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