display. upcycled necklace lamp.

I've been a bit tardy in posting. Preparing for 4 shows in 4 weeks has left me little time for blogging. I do want to share a display piece with you (as you know we can not have too many pictures of those).

The necessity of showcasing more necklaces led to the invention of my "upcycled" lamp necklace display last night. I wasn't sure what I as going to do with a pedestal (shabby purple and gold, a little dirty) that I got at Plucky Maidens last week. I picked it up because it was interesting (what potential display piece isn't?) and it was $10.

The stand is a good start for a long lampshade frame (purchased from Vintage Trifles), but not tall enough. I poked around goodwill yesterday, and felt lucky to find a candlestick style lamp ($6) suitable for raising up the whole display closer to eye level. I pulled the cord out of the lamp and took off the part that holds the bulb. I used wood screws to anchor the lamp to the pedestal.

I was thrilled to receive so many compliments today (Camas Vintage Street Faire) about my display. I wasn't sure if I should paint it a distressed white color, but the comments I received today confirmed that it is as it should be. I'll post this week about how I created my printer drawer display.

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