in the works. clock faces & a road trip

Creativity always strikes when I have the least amount of time - what is that about?

I pulled out these little watch faces my mom picked up for me at Antique Cottage and Garden. I'm pleased with how these sweet little pendants are coming together. I'm thinking a simple chain for these - probably something like 17 to 18 inches. I struggle with these one-of-a-kinds, a) I don't want to think of something I could have done later that would have been more fabulous, and b) it is hard to part with the finished product!

Speaking of Antique Cottage and Garden, Roses & Rust Vintage Market in Anderson, CA { <-- named Romantic Homes #7 market } is this weekend. My 40th birthday on Friday is the perfect excuse for my mom and I to hit the road with an empty van and shop the market all day on October 8 (I'm usually a vendor - this time I get to shop and I am really excited!). Girls vintage market weekend!


  1. We leave this morning...I can't wait to spend the weekend with my fantastic daughter...and tons of antiques.

    We did manage to get our hands on a van :)

    Antique Cottage and Garden (shop) is a must see when traveling in the Shasta, Redding CA. area...wonderful, beautiful, unusual items packed inside and outside. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly...mom

  2. Happy Birthday! Have fun shopping, I hope you come back with some fantastic new treasures!


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