last minute sign project.

My Ruffles & Rust booth, including sign. I did end up turning the door and opening up the space a little more.
My finished sign. At the right angle, you can see the transfer, otherwise, I am pretty happy with it.

I was inspired to make a sign for Ruffles & Rust last week, Wednesday... leaving Friday AM {<-- way too late to start something like this}. I armed myself with inkjet iron-on transfers (one transfer per word in my logo) and some leftover burlap. It surprised me how well the transfers worked, just a little extra rustic look { <-- that's why you are supposed to let it cool before you peel the backing off }.

Can I point out - we now have trim around the floor in our lower landing! This recent project is where the white paint for the sign background came from. This picture is post transfer, I was not sure how to hang it at this point.

My transfer was done, but I really hadn't thought ahead to what I would be putting it on. Initially, I thought frame it, but like the loose edges of burlap. Where's some reclaimed wood when you need it?

So my backyard picket fence is missing a few teeth. All for a good cause! My dad came over and nailed my 3 pieces of fence together to form my sign.

A little wood, a little spray mount, a little dad time = one pretty cool sign.


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  1. Simply gorgeous! You have everything arranged so beautifully. The whole feeling you have achieved is very inviting. The sign is perfect too. Nicely done :)


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