blank slate.

My doors and trim sat in a partially painted state for 4 years!

So I finally bit the bullet and admitted to myself that certain home projects are just not for me. After 4 years {<-- yes you did read that right}, the doors in our hallway are finally painted and have knobs! I was beginning ot think it was going to turn into what my grandma used to call her "40-year project". Getting our trim painted has been a serious mental block for me - mid 1970 was not a great time for trim - very dark requiring 2 coats of primer and at least 2 coats of paint! I hired someone and tacked painting the walls on to the end of his to-do list. My hallway was painted yesterday {<-- the rest of the living room is still in the works}.

After a bit of a paint flail {<-- my sister-in-law created this term, I find it descriptive in many situations}, I settled on a Miller Paint color, Soft Light White. The old standby that has been around forever, the perfect off white that is neither too yellow or too red. I backed off of the darker taupe type tones that I loved 5-6 years ago, my goal is to emphasize my things rather than my walls. Muting the color also makes my plain gray carpet a tad more appealing and my newly painted rooms are feeling more open and bright.

So here is my hallway - a blank slate. Ruffles and Rust is coming up this weekend, the best opportunity I can think of to turn this blank canvas into a masterpiece!

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  1. LOVE the color!! I have a very similar palette throughout my house....I get very tempted with more "colorful" choices, but in my small area, this works and provides an awesome backdrop for my decor....Can't wait to see what you fill your slate up with! Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


Thank you so much for taking the time to check in and see what I am up to! I enjoy reading each and every comment.