new jewel. meet ruby.

It wasn't me this time, I swear. My husband is the one who wanted another dog - a pug. I was resistant, life was quite easy with only 9 pounds of chihuahua in the house.

My resolve to only have one dog slipped a little as I scrolled through the little faces on Petfinder <-- like going to the Humane Society and not walking out with a kitten. 

Before I got too far into the process, I did do my research to see what I was getting into. Just a few things I've learned in my vast 3-weeks experience as a pug owner:

Pugs like children.
Pugs will try to get what they want through any means possible,
including subliminal methods.
A pug will not be as excited about the
new Jeanne d'Arc magazine as you are.
We found Ruby through Must Love Dogs NW. She is about 5 years old and was a dog on the streets, so to speak. From the streets to the shelter (as a stray) to rescue - we got her 3 weeks ago. She was spayed by the rescue - it was very evident that she has had a lot of puppies and litter recently. She's steadily gaining weight and is being treated for a severe ear infection. Everyday, we see more of the real Ruby. 


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