a little piece of history. I love trade beads.

I always visit the "trade bead guy" at the gem faire first.

Trade beads originate from many places. Many of the old beads were made in Europe and India and transported to West Africa initially by Arab traders, overland from North Africa. From around 500 years ago, the European traders in their sailing ships, used beads as currency to purchase gold, ivory and palm oil etc. on the triangular trading routes from Europe to West Africa then onto the West Indies, to return with produce from the plantations.* <-- I love the idea of using beads as currency.

My favorites from this past weekend - both are quite old and I like to wonder where they've been. It was fun to discover my choice of tiny pink dice beads in my French Inspired Jewelry book.

And the French Cross beads - I was so drawn to the color combination but was hesitant to buy them because I didn't have an idea right away { thank you Annelle for encouraging me to buy them - and the woman who walked by that said she finally used some beads she'd had for 25 years <-- a sign }. Let's hope I come with an idea inside of 25 years!

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