boldly go. where only the tiny have gone before.

I found some earrings the other day, sorting through my closet. Old. Think 10 years ago, some older. Some were clips - would it surprise you to know that I got my ears pierced when I was 28? I think it hurts more when you are older { especially when you take them out one week early for your sister's wedding and then you can't get them back in again - I have fat earlobes - can you say "re-pierce"? }

I've repurposed some of these into new pieces { I can tag them vintage assemblage LOL }.

I used to wear TEENY TINY earrings. PEENSY. I used to make teeny tiny earrings...

the evolution of earring size
The evolution of size. The left are circa about 2 years ago... the right are a current design.

I am a fairly neutral dresser. I dress for comfort. My clothes are usually pretty safe and easy - I think some of this is being 5'10". I love it, don't get me wrong, but it is hard to find clothes that fit right. Online ordering is essential. Returning is a pain. Therefore I don't venture far from "what I know".

Keeping it simple and finishing with a bold accessory makes me feel like I tried. Maybe I am just heading out to sit in carpool line... when I pair the jeans with the tee, then add some comfortable big unique earrings, I feel good. I made an effort. It's so easy. I admit it, it makes me feel like I am edgy. I'm 40 and I know what's going on.

That's why I make them, so you too can be edgy in your comfortable clothes.

What bold accessory do you have that makes you feel "finished"?

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  1. I totally agree with you...you can be dressed very simply, but if you are wearing accessories, you look pulled together. I like dangling earrings and a man's watch I have. I love to shop online also...there is more of a variety out there and most "Mall stores" seem to appeal to the much younger {wow, I wish I had all that cool stuff when I was young!}.

    Hope you have a great Easter!



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