just tinkering.

I tinker. I stare at the pile and sometimes I got nothin'. Other days, my creativity flows, so much so that I only make one earring before moving on impatiently to the next design, forlorn single earrings strewn all over my workspace, my fingers refuse to move as fast as my brain on these days.

Wire wrapping is something I've been considering adding
to some of my designs. It's so pretty, but something
I still remain inconsistent at. I think this was my 3rd go at it.
It has taken me 4 months to know what to do with the lovely
filigrees atop this fringe. I bought this fringe - it was one of those -
oh oops, smaller than I thought! But I love them so much here.
Favorite high school earrings are the main component here -
yikes! they are truly vintage LOL - these clips from long ago
have been converted to a great looking long filigree earring.

I recently read article on another artist's blog about time spent tinkering, experimenting and failing. It made me feel better about my tinkering time - it's part of the creative process (no matter your hobby), although at times it feels like a mental block. I improve by experimenting, whether I succeed or fail.

"Those days of tinkering and taking stock are not lost time. You need those times to think and experiment and move things around... Even when you make something and it doesn't turn out, it's still valid time spent. It's going to happen whether you like it or not, this tinkering. In fact it HAS to happen to get good work, so you might as well either square with it or consign yourself to the easy path of making frivolous trinkets."- Sparrow Salvage

Lace, silk, suri silk ribbon.

My next tinker session? I want to experiment with lace, textiles, ribbon. I hope to create layered textile pendants and wrist cuffs. I can't sew. Experimentation definitely required.


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