what i wore. bangs.

I'm getting a little better at the picture of "self" thing. Next week, I'll work on adding smiling, while posing, while taking a picture, while not pulling a muscle in my arm.

me. wearing bangs.

My outfit today was a usual - gap perfect boot jeans and a jcrew vintage tshirt over a black tank top { working at home, quick stop to drop off earrings at Adorn, driving kids in the afternoon }. I shower at night, so in the a.m., my hair is usually it's true self - on the flat side and straight (and forward). I am fortunate (and not so, sometimes) to have VERY thick hair. It does what it wants to do. Usually I use a flat iron all the way around and flip it a bit. Today, I liked the forward bang look, so I decided to go with it. I only curled the back (uh, bed head). I resisted the urge to flat iron and style my bangs to the side { see my profile pic } - which usually includes a battle with a natural cowlick.

Today I wore bangs. 

hair. top front view.
Addicted to chapstick, I am. Now in love with Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer.
Wearing Peony.

hair. side view.
LOL. Attempting a serious picture - but good shot of the angle of my hair!
 And of course I have to show you my earrings.

long pyrite dangles.

Have you ever had an accidental hairstyle that stuck? This might actually stick for me for a while.

A little plug for the most amazing hairstylist and color girl - Erin Brown { Honeycut Salon . Beaverton OR . 503-626-1500 }

pleated poppy


  1. Girl,you certainly do wear that haircut well :) You are too cute...and that color is perfect on you! Love the earrings!

  2. That is one neat hairstyle! It looks like you can do so much with it and I love the highlights, too! I have long hair and no bangs but always had a problem with my hair falling over in my face. Once I wore a headband when I first got out of the shower and was so surprised that it kept my bangs back when I took it out. Now I do that first thing and I don't look like Morticia from the Munsters! lol!

    The earrings are perfect for your style and outfit! Very pretty!



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