what i wore { twice this week }

I'm already giving myself away { lazy dresser }.

I have to admit. Clothes are hard for me. I am super sensitive to various fabrics --> ie I can only wear cotton, I'm tall with a 34 inch inseam, and I wear a size 12 shoe.

This week I wore my fav outfit { twice }, why not? it's comfy like pjs. I've found the perfect leggings that don't pull down (HUE for Nordstrom), they fit just right, you can move around without re-adjusting everything every few minutes (I hate that!) I'm sorry, but low rise jeans will never be my thing.

Cotton sweater :: cabi (I've always felt these sleeves needed to be longer).
Top (sorry - can't see) :: LA Made tunic dress - mid thigh length.
Black leggings :: Hue for Nordstrom.
Boots :: Clarks.

I am fortunate to work from home. I usually start my workday within 20 minutes of getting up. I get dressed about an hour later. It's helped me to pick out my clothes the night before (when I shower) and have them ready (or at least know where they are). I've got a little flylady in me, I prefer to be dressed fairly early (I fear a call from the school, or the knock on the door - not being dressed ugh, the worst feeling).

I have a pair of these earrings that I've kept for me.
They are nice statement earrings - big but not huge - a comfortable
weight and size for me to wear all day. They go with everything.
I guess I should have tucked my hair behind my ear so you could see
them - will get better at this picture taking thing!
I tend to go monochromatic and simple with my clothes and more dramatic with statement jewelry (this is how I think when I work on new pieces - simple outfit, easy jewelry statement). I usually go for earrings, now that my hair is longer (than my traditional pixie cut), sometimes a bold necklace. I find this works really well for me, I don't have to think too hard. I think hard enough the rest of the day.

pleated poppy

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